Message From John

Brodak Manufacturing and Distributing Company, Inc

We are pleased to share our latest catalog with you. As you look over these pages, you will find that this catalog has something for everyone. Like all Brodak Manufacturing catalogs, our newest edition features tons of information, from tips for new builders to ideas that advanced flyers can use. Our articles on control-line flying range from basic instructions to advanced techniques.

John BrodakOf course, we offer the largest selection of control-line airplanes, and all of the parts and equipment you’ll need to fully enjoy the sport of control-line building and flying. Our complete line of Brodak Butyrate Dope products, for example, offers the largest selection of colors ever offered by one company. Brodak Butyrate Dope products are known for their high quality, even flow, and great coverage.

Also in this catalog are the new Brodak Almost-Ready-To-Fly airplanes. Almost-Ready-To-Fly planes are the perfect choice for busy enthusiasts who love to fly but don’t have the time to devote to building. Our Almost-Ready-To-Fly designs are accurate copies of our kit designs, and come in different colors as well as in an Almost-Ready-To Cover version that you can finish and paint to your individual preferences. Each of the kits (except the Baby Clown) will include a 4” bellcrank, adjustable lead-outs, and an adjustable weight box. You furnish the motor and the control lines -- and these airplanes are ready for take-off.

When Brodak Manufacturing opened in 1991 our goal was to revive control-line building and flying by offering top-quality materials at the best possible prices. Since then, we’ve gotten thousands and thousands of letters, calls, and orders from across the United States and from several other countries. We have worked diligently to produce the finest kits possible by using the best materials, precision engineering, and an extensive quality-control program.

In 1997, I organized the first Brodak Fly-In to bring together control-line builders and to help spread the word that control-line is a great sport. Every year the Brodak Fly-In gets bigger and better, and is now the biggest event of its kind in the United States. We hope to continue that tradition for years to come, and to continue to attract enthusiasts from across the U.S. and around the world.

To everyone who has helped make Brodak Manufacturing and the Brodak Fly-In successful, Thank You! As you look through our catalog, I encourage you to attend control-line events and competitions in your area, and to connect with other C/L enthusiasts.

The bottom line is that control-line builders and flyers like you make control-line a great sport. For
everything that you do to support C/L and to spread the word about the sport, Thank You!

Your Friend in C/L,