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Brodak Manufacturing and Distributing Company, Inc.


Welcome To Brodak’s!

We are pleased to share with you our latest catalog of kits, equipment, supplies and accessories that will help you pursue your hobby. Whether you are an experienced control-line builder and flyer, or whether you are just starting out, Brodak Manufacturing and Distributing is the “one-stop shopping” option for all of your needs.



Control-Line Flying Is Great!

Our founder, John Brodak has always believed that flying control-line airplanes represents flying
the way it was meant to be. Control-line airplanes give you the “feel” of flying and the freedom to test your skill and ability.



You Deserve The Best!

We believe that you deserve the best possible control-line airplanes and equipment. Working with designers and engineers across the country, we have developed extremely accurate engineering plans. We use only top-quality materials to manufacture every kit to very close tolerances, and we individually check every kit for quality and completeness - - so that you can build the best possible airplane.



We Are Expanding!

We are continually looking for ways to improve our products and services. Every year we try to add new airplane designs and new products. Everything we add has one thing in common: the Brodak commitment to quality, service and attention to detail.



Brodak Butyrate Dope Products

Our  line of paint products are unsurpassed for quality, coverage and workability. Our Brodak Butyrate Dope Products were formulated by one of America’s leading paint manufacturers, Randolph Products Company, to meet the highest standards. Brodak Butyrate Dope Products include many brilliant colors, as well as Brodak Clear, Brodak Thinner and Brodak Rejuvenator. Our products have rich pigments and give you excellent coverage. We believe that, for a finish you can be proud of, start with Brodak Dope Products.



We Believe In Customer Service!

If you have a problem with one of our kits or one of the products that we distribute, we want to know about it immediately so that the problem can be resolved. We believe in treating every person the way we would want to be treated.



Brodak Products Are Available At Hobby Shops!

If your local hobby shop doesn’t carry Brodak products, please let them know that Brodak’s encourages dealer inquiries. If there is not a hobby shop that’s conveniently located near you, or if your local shop does not carry specific items, you can place orders directly from us by mail, telephone or fax. We stock all of the items listed in our catalog, and we can ship to anywhere in the world. Orders are processed within 24 hours.


Brodak Hobby Shop                                                                          

If you are near our area we welcome you to stop in and browse through our store. I'm sure you will find something on your "need" or "want " list. Our store hours are Monday thru Saturday 9-5 and is located at 558 Route 88, Carmichaels, Pa. 15320