Electric Gladiator ARF (Combat)

Electric Gladiator ARF (Combat) by Brodak

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Quick Overview

You may remember our original Gladiator 1/2A combat model from a few years back. We updated the design and brought it back as an electric powered model. Unlike the nitro 1/2A model it replaces, this modern iteration of the Gladiator can be flown in your local school yard, or even your back yard, without creating much of a noise issue. It also uses a larger prop than a 1/2A model which improves its windy weather performance. As with electric Stunt and Sport models, quiet clean electric power have a good chance of opening up many close-in flying sites like local parks and school yards.

Includes a Gladiator Decal & an Electric Decal

Comes in a choice of 4 color variations.




Wing Span: 35.4 in. Plane Length: 15.5 in. Wing Area: 286 sq. in. Engine: electric



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Covered wing.
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