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Quick Overview

The name Mo’Best designed by Larry Cunningham was extended from the original name Mo’Betta, which reflected a certain philosophy: If a little bit is good, then more is surely better!

Larry intended the Mo’Best… for serious competition. This is a large, top level performer, pleasantly light and sensitive on the controls with outstanding corner ability while retaining good tracking habits.

Larry noted, “While there is nothing terribly exotic about the Mo’Best construction or materials, it incorporates some interesting design features. Construction is admittedly labor intense for a profile ship. For this reason, it is clearly NOT a reasonable choice for a beginner as a trainer.”


Wing Span: 54 in. Plane Length: 41 3/8 in. Wing Area: 615 sq. in. Engine: .40 - .51

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Kit Features

Full-size plans, Step-by-step instructions, Select AAA balsa, Laser-cut ribs and parts, 4" bellcrank with post, Adjustable Lead-Out Guide, Weight Box, Flap and Elevator Horns, Nylon Hinges, Landing Gear, Lead-Out Wires, Complete Hardware, & Decals.
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