Building With Foam

Building With Foam by Park Flyer Plastics

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Quick Overview

This book written by Keth Sparks consists of 133 pages of descriptive text and graphics for building models of most sizes. Even though it is directed toward the novice builder, there are plenty of hints and tricks for the intermediate to advanced builders.


Not only the novice builder but also the advanced scratch-builders will benefit from this easy to read Revised Edition of "BUILDING WITH FOAM". The book is the result of 20 years of mistakes and successes updated with the current construction materials available today. Inside you will learn how to make "homemade" tools such as the bow, cutting templates, and other special tools needed. The book has nearly doubled in content with 60 pages added due to the many new materials, adhesives and equipment available. Bound with a sturdy metal spine and covered with a protective plastic cover; this book will last years on your workbench. Wing spans from 10 inches to 8 ft. are covered as well as glow and electric powered models. Three methods of construction are extensively covered as well as several finishing types. Topics covered: Types of foam. Getting started. Wire cutting. Bonding & finish & Shaping foam.

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