Fly-In - Fun Carrier for 2019

This is an all new event designed to preserve the key elements of the old US Navy Carrier event; takeoff from the deck, high speed, low speed, and landing on the deck while the excluding hard -to-get specialty equipment that limits participation in the current classes. 


This event is governed only by AMA General Rules, Control Line General Rules and this document.



– A stock .25 (or smaller) engine with the factory throttle.  The factory muffler may be used, removed or modified, but use of a different muffler is prohibited.   The engine must run in the standard counter clockwise direction.

Throttle Control may be either mechanical 3-line or 2.4 RC.

The minimum line size is (2) .015” or (3) .012” X 59’-6”.

The airplane must have a landing gear that supports it with engine running. The leadouts may not move during flight.  There are no other restrictions.

The pull test is 30 pounds.

This event with utilize the same deck as other carrier events with the addition of a “ramp strike” cable across the middle of the ramp.

There is no BOM.  Models may be loaned, borrowed or shared.  If the same model wins more than one award, all but one will be scratched.


Flying & Scoring

There is no need for the flyer to call anything.  All scoring is done to a schedule.

The model must take off from the deck without touching the ground to score 25 points.  If the model touches the ground but continues to fly, the flight continues without the takeoff points.

High Speed flight will be scored beginning on the second lap after takeoff and continue for 7 laps.  The high speed score is capped at 75 MPH (24 seconds).   The usual rules vis a vis whipping and high flying apply.

Low Speed Flight will begin four laps after high speed and continue for 7 laps (less any penalty laps).  The minimum allowable low speed is 15 MPH (120 seconds). The low speed score is the low time divided by 2.4.  Thus, the maximum low score is 50 points.  Each offense during low speed will be penalized by shortening the distance by one lap.  Offenses are touching the ground, stopping, backing up, and going vertical.  (Note; this formula concedes a 75 MPH high to all contestants for low speed scoring).

The Landing Landing may be made any time after completion of low speed.  The model must come to rest on the deck with the engine running to score 100 points.  A landing with the model in normal upright position with the engine stopped will score 80 points.  If the model comes to rest on the deck in any other position, the score is 50 points.  Zero points will be scored if the model touches the ground after Low Speed.  A ramp strike will be called if a cable across the middle of the ramp is touched and the score will be zero.

The maximum total score is takeoff (25), high speed (75), low speed (50) and landing (100) for a total of 250 points.  A contestant who scores 250 will be allowed ONE more attempt to establish a backup score.