Dare Fairchild KR-21 *NEW*

Dare Fairchild KR-21 *NEW* by Brodak

Quick Overview

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Quick Overview

Construction is primarily of Balsa and Lite Ply and incorporates the typical Old School “Stick & Tissue” style of construction. The wings are of the “egg crate” style of construction making assembly quick and accurate. The wings are removable (in pairs) as well for easier transport if need be. A 450-class Outrunner motor provides power, with simple 4-Channel control incorporating 4 Micro-servos.


Power & Guidance

1- BH-2067 E-Flite 450 Outrunner Motor

1- BH-1861 20A ESC

1- LP-11055E Propeller

1- BH-1904 2200 mah 3S Lipoly Battery

4- BH-2051 Hitec HS 55 Servos

1- 4 ch. (minimum) 2.4 GHz Radio w/ Full Range Receiver


Other Items Required                   

(1) Pr. Dubro 3” Micro Sport Wheels                                      

Covering Material of Choice                                               

Adhesive & Paint

Light CYA Hinge Stock

Artist Foam Board (Bowed Outlines and Formers)

1/16 dia. Plastic or Aluminum Rod (Dummy Engine Pushrods)


Wing Span: 50” Top - 45-3/8” Bottom Plane Length: 40-11/16" Wing Area: 666.6.3 sq. in. (4.63 sq. ft.) Engine: 450 Class Outrunner


The Kreider-Reisner KR-21 series began in 1928 as a 2-seat parasol monoplane. Later, the KR-21B was developed as a biplane trainer that was easy to fly for beginners but was also aerobatic in the hands of a more experienced pilot. Unfortunately, due to the onset of the depression few were built. Then in 1929, Fairchild took over Kreider-Reisner and eventually built three KR-21B’s and converted 2 KR-21A monoplanes.

The KR-21B had a wingspan of 27-ft. (top) and 24-ft. (bottom), an overall length of 22-ft. 7-inches. Power was provided by a 125 hp Kinner B5 (R-440) 372 cubic inch 5-cylinder radial engine. The KR-21 had a cruise speed of 98 mph, with a top speed of 123 mph. The climb rate was a very respectable 755-fpm, with a service ceiling of 15,000 ft. and a range of 350 miles.  

Additional Information

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Kit Features

Laser cut balsa & ply parts, pre-bent landing gear & cabane strut, full size plan and patterns, vac formed parts, building Instructions with Photo CD and decals.
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