Electric Ringmaster

Electric Ringmaster by Brodak

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Quick Overview

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Comes in a choice of 2 color variations.

 YELLOW=Yellow Fuselage/ White Wing with Green Trim

 GREEN=Green Fuselage/ White Wing with Yellow Trim


Wing Span: 42 in. Plane Length: 27-3/4" Wing Area: 382 sq. in. Engine: .19 - .35


Phone Orders Only. Please Call 724-966-2726

Likely the most popular control line design of all time, people have been building Matt Kania Ringmaster since 1950. For those who have discovered - or wish to try electric power on an easy to assembly & fly airplane consider this electric powered version of the Ringmaster ARF. It has been built using our electric conversion kit (#BH-1937) and is read to accept most 28mm class motors. Even easier, the BH-1830 power system kit includes all the electric power system components plus an easy to use battery charger.

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