WACO CG-4A RC Glider

WACO CG-4A RC Glider by BMjR Models

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Quick Overview

<p>BMJR &nbsp;WACO CG-4 was inspired by an article in the October 1959 issue of Model Airplane News.&nbsp; The kit is scaled to .44&rdquo; = 1ft. Model may be built with 2 channels for high-start launch. (High-start included in kit); or with 4 channels, elevator, rudder, ailerons, and tow release for Aero-Tow.</p


Wing Span: 35 in. Plane Length: 21 in. Wing Area: 157 sq. in. Engine: RC


The Waco CG-4A was the most widely used American troop/cargo  glider of World War II. Designed by the Weaver aircraft Co. (WACO).  Flight testing began in May 1942, and eventually more than 13,900 CG-4As were delivered. The CG-4A was constructed of fabric-covered wood and metal and was crewed by a pilot and copilot. It had two fixed mainwheels and a tailwheel for service and training. For battle a drop off dolly and wooden skids were used for rough field landing.  C-47s were usually used as tow aircraft. The tow line was 11⁄16-inch-diameter nylon, 350 feet long.

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