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The July 1944 issue of Model Airplane News reported, The Swami was designed for the sole purpose of creating a high performance airplane without sacrificing beauty. Its graceful curves make it an attractive ship and its twin rudders and stabilizer dihedral add to its stability. The gull wings raise the center of drag, which in turn keeps the ship climbing even under low power. When the motor cuts and it starts its glide, you will be amazed at the soaring qualities. The BMJR Swami was derived form the original plan obtained form the AMA museum. Only changes were to accommodate laser cutting technology and to add RC control for elevator and rudder, and to accommodate electric power. The BMJR Swami has proven to be a "fun nostalgic build" with very gentle flying qualities. Recomended power is a Cox 1/2A Texaco or Geared Speed 400 (S-400). We perfer the geared speed 400 electric as it provides plenty of power and the mmodel needed the nose weight anyway. 2 mini servos (HS-81) are required. 


Wing Span: 46 in. Wing Area: 307 sq. in. Engine: speed 400 electric



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