SOY Gee Bee E (RC)

SOY Gee Bee E (RC) by Brodak

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Quick Overview

The Gee Bee E designed by Henry Hafkke, formally made by another company is back on the market thanks to the Spirit of Yesteryear. This 40 size Golden Age Racer stand off scale model has undergone very minor changes to clean up the tooling and now includes a peel and stick mylar decal. The round cowling & distinct color scheme are easily recognized where ever the model is flown.


Wing Span: 56" Wing Area: 535



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Kit Features

Modest hardware package plus clear plastic cowl and wheel pants. Modelers will require engine mount and wheels. Weight: 72 to 80 oz. Suggested Electric Power System: Motor: ESC:40A (BH-1860) Battery:4Sx3300 (BH-1848) Prop:12x6
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