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Simplex 45 by BMjR Models

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Quick Overview

The Simplex was designed by Paul Plecan and published in the February 1941 issue of Air Trails magazine. Paul reported that his original model was lost on the day it was test hopped. On its eleventh flight it flew Out-of-Sight in 33 minutes on a 15-sec. engine run. Today with the RC gear we can enjoy these Old Time models without the chase. The BMJR Simplex 45, is intended for RC assisted flight in the Society of Antique Modelers, SAM, Texaco event with either a 1/2A gas engine or a Speed 400 class electric motor. We recommend a geared Speed 400 electric motor over a brushless option due to the requiremnt for nose weight.  A speed 400  has plenty of power for relaxed flying and for electric Texaco competition.  Some builders have moved the wing aft about 1" to better achieve the proper CG without adding weight. 2 servos are required to complete this model.


Wing Span: 45 in. Wing Area: 328 sq. in. Engine: 400 speed



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