Kiwi E-36

Kiwi E-36 by BMjR Models

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Quick Overview

The BMJR KIWI-E-36 is based on our KIWI-Coupe wing and tail with a redesigned fuselage for motor, timer, and battery. 


Wing Span: 36 in. Wing Area: 186


The new E-36 rules published in the 2011 NFFS Rule book describe a model with 36" projected wing span, 120 gram minimum weight ready-to-fly, with no auto surfaces. Power is to be any type electric motor (brushed or brushless) with gearing and folding prop allowed. Both  Nickle or Lithium batteries are allowed in either 2 cell (7.4V Lithium) or 6 cell (7.2V Nickle).

Flying weight of our model is 154 grams.  Great power option is the HiMaxx HC-2208 (M-112) with 9amp Thunderbird Speed Control (C-M-112) and E-36 timer (E-36).

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