Dare Morane L

Dare Morane L by Brodak

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Quick Overview

A famous fighter airplane of WW1 series.This model represents the aircraft flown by Warnerford when he shot down the world's first Zeppelin. The model like the full size, flies very slow, it is so big and light that it represents a flying parachute. this kit is designed for free flight or R/C.


Wing Span: 56" Plane Length: 34" Wing Area: 359 sq. in.


The "Morane L1" was a very unlikely record holder, it was the first aircraft to be fitted with a fixed forward firing machine gun, the world's first fighter, which fired the weapon through the arc of the propeller. It was also one of the world's first bombers. Even though the Morane was slow and difficult to fly it was one of the worlds first truly practical aircrafts.

Diesel: 0.75-1.00 F/F
Glow R/C: 1.00-1.5cc
Electric: geared speed 400
Radio: 3 channel

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Full size plans, hardware & AAA laser cut balsa parts
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