Dare Halberstadt CL-II

Dare Halberstadt CL-II by Brodak

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Quick Overview

Another superb flying design from Mike Midkiff, this unique WW-I model is sure to please everyone. With its good climb rate and overall maneuverability, this nimble two seaters' performance easily rivaled contemporary single seat fighter's performance of the day. As a ground attack and infantry support platform the Halberstadt was supreme.


Wing Span: 27" Plane Length: 19 in. Wing Area: 180 sq. in. Engine: POWER: Electric FF. 02, 3 cell battery pack 110 mah


Most notable, units equipped with this aircraft type were used to attack British infantry units crossing the Somme bridges at Bray and St. Christ. This sorte was so productive that almost the entire British division was totally disorganized. In addition, the Halberstadt equipped units proved their worth during the battle for Cambri, making a significant contribution to the success of the German offensive on October 30, 1918.


Power:  KP-02 electric for free flight 
Rubber Power:   Item#  DA-1031-4.......3/16 x 24"
Prop: Item#  DA-1032-7......9.5"

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True Scale: 3/4" = 12" All Laser Cut Parts Weight (Airframe): 1.8 oz.
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