Dare Super Chief

Dare Super Chief by Brodak

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Quick Overview

Rubber Power Free Flight or possibly lightweight Electric F/F or R/C.

Our model possesses all the attributes of its full-scale counterpart. The prototype model, early on, turned in a spectacular 22 minute flight encountering two thermals and landed 100 yards away from the launch point!


Wing Span: 28.5" Plane Length: 16" Wing Area: 108 sq. in.


When WWII ended, the Aeronca Company was ready for the civilian light plane market with the 7AC Champion and the 11 AC Super Chief. The side by side Super Chief, although it looked similar to the pro war Chief, was claimed to have no design connection with the pre-war model and used 70% of the parts from 7AC champion.             

A Bill Schmidt Design.

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Laser cut balsa parts, full size plan, contest rubber and lightweight covering. Weight: 1.13 oz.
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