Dare Luscombe Silvaire 60”

Dare Luscombe Silvaire 60” by Brodak

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Quick Overview

The goal with the Dare Design “Silvaire” was to provide a large, yet lightweight model that would provide very scale-like flying qualities using inexpensive, readily available equipment. The model was designed in true scale outline and features scale rib spacing for the most scale appearance possible in a park flyer. Construction is primarily of balsa and lite ply and incorporates the typical Old School “Keel and Former” style of fuselage construction. The tail section outlines are bowed from balsa for maximum strength and minimum weight. The wings are of the “egg crate” style of construction making assembly quick and accurate. The “plug-in wings” are removable as well for easier transport if need be.

Flying Weight: 23 oz.

Scale: 1:7

Wing Loading: 7.77 oz/sq. ft.

Guidance: 4 channel (min) R/C using 

(4) Hi-Tek HS-55 servos


Wing Span: 60" Plane Length: 34-7/8 Wing Area: 426 sq. in. Engine: RC


Luscombe Silvaire was a 2-seat side by side high wing monoplane designed by Don Luscombe. The Silvaire flew in 1937 and the last was manufactured in 1961. Several variants of the Luscombe were built. The only major difference in most of the variants was the fabric-covered wings on the early models and all metal models built later.

The Luscombe Silvaire had a wingspan of 35 feet and a length of 20 feet. Empty weight was 870 lbs with a gross weight of 1400 lbs. Cruise speeds ranged from 90 – 120 mph depending on the model and power plant.

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This kit includes items standard in all Dare kits: Laser cut parts from balsa & lie ply, 2 full size sheets plans, instructions, vac formed parts, hardware, rigging thread and decals.
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