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Dare Ercoupe by Brodak

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Quick Overview

The Dare model was designed as a slow, docile electric park flyer, and faithfully represents the flying qualities of its full-scale counterpart. Though a rather large model, the Ercoupe is very light, so it can be flown in smaller parks and soccer fields, yet is large enough to be flown at regulation flying fields as well.


Wing Span: 60 in. Plane Length: 35.5 in. Wing Area: 529 sq. in. Engine: Speed 400 Electric - 4 Channel RC


The Ercoupe is probably one of the best known light planes of its era. It was very a efficient airplane with its smooth metal skin and streamlined engine cowling. It was also very easy to fly since all the controls were operated from the steering wheel, and due to the coupled rudder and ailerons, no rudder coordination was needed.

In addition to the parts below you will also need the following:

Guidance: -(4) BH-2051 Servos, Aileron, Elevator, & Nose Wheel Steering (Brodak #HS-35HD),

Radio: 4-Ch R/C

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plastic for windshield and laser cut parts. Power: 4 Channel RC, 450 Outrunner
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