Dare Driggs Dart

Dare Driggs Dart by Brodak

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Quick Overview

This model was designed as a gentle, lightweight, 1:5.4 scale Park Flyer, powered by an economical Brodak Speed 400 Outrunner motor for 4-ch R/C.  Control is provided by four, sub-micro servos, and a full range Rx.



Wing Span: 60 in. Plane Length: 37.1" Wing Area: 380 sq. in.


Designed by Ivan Driggs and first flew in 1926. It was an offshoot of the original Bumblebee racer.  The DJ-1 was powered by 35-hp Anzani 3-cylinder radial engine and reached speeds of 95 mph.  The Dart was a relatively small, single seat airplane with a 27’ wingspan and a gross flying weight of just 511 pounds. Either a Wright-Moorehouse 29-hp opposed twin, or the Henderson 4-cylinder inline engine powered other variants of the Dart.

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Flying Weight 18.1 oz. Wing Loading 6.8 oz. / sq. foot This kit includes items standard in all Dare Design kits, in addition to beautifully Laser Cut sheets of parts from contest balsa and lite-ply, full-size plans and patterns, instructions, a vac-formed canopy & spinner and pre-bent landing gear.
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