Dare Curtiss Jenny (60")

Dare Curtiss Jenny (60") by Brodak

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Quick Overview

The 60" Dare "Jenny" was designed in the old-school style of "stick & tissue" construction to build a light, economical model with simple 4 channel R/C and electric power that can easily be flown in smaller venues, but is large enough to be flown on conventional R/C flying fields.

The model, though relatively large because of its light wing loading, is a perfect size for flying in mid-sized parks and athletic fields. However, it is also IMAA legal, so can be easily flown on certified flying sites as well. Due to the light wing loading, this model is a very elegant and scale-like flyer.

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(2) BH-2051 Servos

(2) BH-2053 Servos


Wing Span: Top 60" - Bottom 46.6" Plane Length: 37.2" Wing Area: 716.5 sq. in. Engine: (1) Speed 400 Outrunner


The Curtiss JN-4D Jenny was first flown in 1916. Serving as WW-I Military Pilot Trainer, was instrumental in training pilots, in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain. Most Jenny's were unarmed, although some were equipped with machine guns and bomb racks and used for air combat and bomber training as well. Though used primarily for pilot training, a few were converted to ambulances and were the first airplane to serve in that role. Jenny's also served in the Army Signal Corps as well. After the war, Jenny's were sold as surplus in the civilian market and were used extensively for barnstorming. The Jenny was a large airplane with a 43' - 7.75" wingspan. It was a 27', 4" long, powered by a 90-hp Curtiss OX-5, V-8 engine. Gross take-off weight was 1,920 lbs, with a top speed of 75-mph, a cruise of 60-mph, and a service ceiling of 6,500 feet.

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Wing - Loading: 4.9 oz.-sq. ft. Flying Wt: 22.6 oz. Scale: 1:9.5 This Dare kit features laser-cut parts, pre-bent wire parts, the best balsa you'll ever find in a kit, scale vacuum-formed parts, brass tubing, hardware, scale decals, full size plans & instruction booklet.
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