Dare Cessna 150

Dare Cessna 150 by Brodak

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Quick Overview

The 1:6.6 scale Dare C-150 has a 60" wingspan and is set up for a 5 channel R/C and features scale fowler flaps, incorporating 6 sub-micro servos for the flight controls. An economical 450-class outrunner motor and 2S Lipoly battery provides power. The wings in and are removable without tools and functional cabin doors offer easy access to the battery.

Guidance:  5 ch. R/C using 2- 8 gram (Rudder & Elevator) and 4- 6.5 gram (Flaps & Ailerons) Sub-Micro Servos  



Wing Span: 60 in. Plane Length: 39.5in. - Scale: 1:6.6 Wing Area: 466 sq. in. - Wing Loading: 8.3 oz/sq. Engine: 450 Class Outrunner motor


The C-150 is a 2-place high wing monoplane that serves not only as an economical private plane, but has also trained thousands of new pilots over the years. one of the main features was the very effective Fowler flaps to aid in lower landing speeds. The C-150 was also converted with an aftermarket Conventional Landing Gear for those who prefer the Tail Dragger to the standard Tricycle Gear.

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This kit includes Laser Cut parts from contest balsa and lite-ply, full-size plans & instructions. In addition you’ll also find a special vac-formed cowl & wheel pants set, wire, hardware, clear acetate and more. Fowler Flaps are a feature of this Dare design. "This kit contains optional parts to build as conventional for tail-dragger landing gear". The conversion is clearly called out, so no modification will be needed to build either version. The wings are removable for easy transport.
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