Dare Aeronca Champ 42"

Dare Aeronca Champ 42" by Brodak

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Quick Overview

The Champ was designed at 1:10 scale with a wingspan of 42 1/2-inches. The design features “stick and tissue” style construction for 4 channel R/C to keep the model light to maintain its very scale-like flying qualities. And with a flying weight of just 11.6 oz. the Champ is a perfect candidate for those smaller fields where space is limited. Power is provided by a 370 class Outrunner motor, and controlled by 4 sub-micro servos. Construction is primarily of balsa and light ply. The battery is accessed through the scale cabin door, and the wing is removable for easy transport.

Wing Loading 6.8 oz./ sq. ft.


Other Items not included: 2 - 6 Gram Servos (Rudder/Elevator) 2 - 4.4 Gram Servos (Ailerons) 2 – 9” Servo Extension Leads 1 – 6” Servo Y-Lead 1 – Roll Covering Material 2 – 2” Main Wheels 1 – 1/2” Tail Wheel 1 – Light Cya Hinge Stock


Wing Span: 42-1/2 in. Plane Length: 26-1/4 in. Wing Area: 245 sq. in. Engine: 370 Brushless Outrunner and 4 ch. R/C


The Aeronca Champion, affectionately referred to as the “Airknocker Champ”, was designed in the mid-1940’s as a pilot trainer to compete with the ever-popular Piper J-3 Cub. The Champ also served well as a private plane for both pleasure and short cross-country flying. The Champ was in many ways superior to the J-3 in that it was faster, had a generally more comfortable cockpit, and was also flown from the front seat, so overall visibility for the pilot was better both in the air and on the ground. The landing gear was superior to the Cub as well, featuring Olio Strut suspension rather than Cub-style Bungee Chord arrangement. The Champ also saw service as a military observer in WW-II in the form of the L-16.

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The kit includes full size plans and patterns, laser cut shaped parts, complete step-by-step assembly instructions, pre-bent wire parts, and vac formed cowl and canopy.
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