Dare 1903 Wright Flyer (rubber powered)

Dare 1903 Wright Flyer (rubber powered) by Brodak

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Quick Overview

Recapture the memorable first flights with our own rubber powered flyer and relive those early days of powered flight.


Wing Span: 17-7/8" Plane Length: 10-5/8"


It's hard to believe that a rubber powered model of the 1903 Wright Flyer could actually be made to fly. Dare Design has produced the first ever proven flying model kits of this famous airplane. While it is definitely a rather fragile airplane, with proper care, you will have many enjoyable flights that will always fascinate onlookers.

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Kit includes all laser cut parts, full size plan, complete instructions, covering tissue, rigging thread, propellers, contest quality rubber, etc. Power: Rubber
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