Nylon Gold n Rods High Stress 60"

Nylon Gold n Rods High Stress 60" by Sullivan

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Quick Overview

This is a pair of high stress pushrods.                                  
This Package Includes:                                                        
   (2) Yellow nylon pushrods - These are 7mm in diameter, 60" long.           
   (2) Black pushrod tubes - These are 8mm outside diameter (7mm inside) 60"L.
   (4) Golden (in color) clevises - These are what attaches the pushrod to    
        the control horn or servo arm                                         
   (4) Threaded couplers - These screw into the pushrod on one end and into   
        the clevis on the other end. These are used to attach the clevises to 
        the the pushrods.                                                     
   (1) Small piece of 1/4" inside diameter, 1/2" outside diameter rubber tubing
        This tubing is cut in sections. The sections fit onto the clevises to 
        prevent them from coming apart during flight.



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