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Jr Nobler Kit by Brodak

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The Junior Nobler, designed by four-time National Champion George Aldrich, is one of the most prolific winners of all time. Called "A miniature version of the famous 'Nobler' with absolutely nothing lost in performance," the Junior Nobler uses a .10 to .25 engine and is Classic Stunt Legal. The Junior Nobler is durable, easy to build and fun to fly.


Wing Span: 40 in. Plane Length: 26.5 in. Wing Area: 276 sq. in. Engine: .10 - .25


To convert your Jr. Nobler to electric Power use item #BH-1934 Electric Conversion.

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Full Size Plans, Step by Step Instructions, Clear Molded Canopy, Pre-bent Landing Gear, Laser-Cut Plywood and Balsa Parts, Select AAA balsa, Brodak Heavy Duty 2" Bellcrank and Leadout Wire Kit, complete Hardware Package & Decals.
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