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Quick Overview

The Blue Angel, a built up, classic stunt legal plane was designed and built by Larry Scarinzi specifically for the 1964 Nationals in Dallas, Texas. In the 1960s it was a fresh new design from the ground up. The fuselage extends well beyond the horizontal tail & the side view of the fuse is near straight making straight lengths of maneuvers as in wing overs, squares, etc. It "presents" well to onlookers and judges. The trike gear makes landing a gift.


Wing Span: 56 in. Plane Length: 46 1/4 in. Wing Area: 608 sq. in. Engine: .46 - .61


To convert your Blue Angel to electric power use Electric Conversion kit #BH-1928.

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Kit Featrures Two full-size plans, Step-by-step instructions, Built-up fuselage for strength, Select AAA balsa, Formed landing gear, Precision laser-cut parts, Decals, Full hardware package, Leadout wire kit, Bellcrank Package, Control horn & Decals.
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