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B24 Liberator by Brodak

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Quick Overview


This model was designed at 1:22 scale with a wingspan of 60" & features stick & tissue style construction with 4 channel RC to keep it light. Since the high aspect ratio wing doesn't offer much in the way of area, keeping the weight down is a must. Don't let that scare you. Even at 37 oz. flying weight and a wing loading in the 16 oz./sq. ft. range the B-24 flies and handles beautifully.

Power is provided by (4) 400-class outrunner motors and controlled by (4) sub-micro servos and (4) 12A ESC's. Construction is primarily of balsa and lite ply. The battery is accessed through a hatch on top of the wing and the wing is removable for easy transport.


Wing Span: 60 in. Plane Length: 38 in. Wing Area: 327 sq. in. Engine: Electric/RC


The B-24 Liberator was a WW-II era heavy bomber designed by Consolidated Aircraft. It served well in every theatre of the war and in a number of roles including the bomber, cargo/fuel transport and submarine patrol to name a few. Thru 1945, 18,432 B-24's were built. Heavily armed, carrying up to 10,50-cal. Browning M2 machine guns in up to 4 turrets and 2 waste guns. The bomb load varied from 8,000 lb. to 2,700 lb. depending on distance to the target.

FYI: If you purchase the items below, you will need:

(4) BH-2066 Motors

(2) BH-2053 Aileron Servos

(2) BH-2051 Rudder & Elevator Servos

(2) LP-08060E Props

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Kit Features

Laser cut balsa & lite ply parts. formed wire gear, instructions, vac formed cowl, nose, detailed canopy, turrets, fairings, decals & a photo CD of building the model.
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