ARF Vector 40

ARF Vector 40 by Brodak

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Quick Overview

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Comes in a choice of 4 color variations.

 RED=Leading color of wing & top
of fuselage is red, Rest is white
 BLUE=Leading color of wing & top
of fuselage is blue, Rest is white
 YELLOW=Leading color of wing & top
of fuselage is yellow, Rest is white
 GREEN=Leading color of wing & top
of fuselage is green, Rest is white


Wing Span: 50.5 in. Plane Length: 42.25 in. Wing Area: 536 sq. in. Engine: .32 to .40


The C/G is 2-3/4" back from the Leading Edge. The ARF/ARC & Electric Vector 40 is an exciting airplane to fly, thanks to its special combination of sleek styling and durable construction. The Vector 40 was designed by Randy Smith. The turtle deck and the leading edge will be yellow.

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Kit Features

Pre-built, covered fuselage Pre-built, covered wings with heavy duty bellcrank, Lead-out wires, Adjustable Lead-out guide and Outboard weight box already installed. Complete hardware package Detailed & illustrated instruction booklet Decal included
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