ARF Oriental (WHITE)

ARF Oriental (WHITE) by Brodak

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Quick Overview

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WHITE WING/WHITE FUSELAGE NOTE: The C/G is 1-7/8" back from the Leading Edge. If you love to fly but don't have the time to build, the Brodak Almost-Ready-To-Fly designs may be the answer. Each kit, available in different colors, will include a 4" bellcrank (except the Baby Clown), adjustable lead-outs, and an adjustable weight box. You furnish the motor and the control lines, and these airplanes are ready for take-off


Wing Span: 55 inches Plane Length: 35 1/2 inches Wing Area: 550 square inches Engine: .35 to .46


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The Almost-Ready-To-Fly Oriental features the distinctive and sleek design that makes our Oriental, designed by Dee Rice, graceful flying at its best. This Oriental has a wingspan of 55 inches, a wing area of 550 square inches, and an overall length of 35 1/2 inches, and takes a .35 to .46 engine.
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