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ARC Smoothie by Brodak

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NOTE: The C/G is 2-1/2" back from the Leading Edge

This kit has been reduced in price because the lead-out lines were incorrectly installed at the plant that made these kits for us. We have added the needed parts and instructions to do it yourself.


Wing Span: 52 inches Plane Length: 36.5 inches Wing Area: 540 square inches Engine: .35 to .40


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The Almost-Ready-To-Cover Smoothie is based on Bob Palmer's Original Smoothie, an airplane that set a new standard for design when it was unveiled in 1951. This Smoothie has a wingspan of 52 inches, a wing area of 540 square inches, and an overall length of 36.5 inches. This airplane takes a .35 to .40 engine and is legal for Old Time Stunt. ***NOTE*** ON "OTHER ITEMS REQUIRED" THE BH-540 FUEL TANK IS INCORRECT. YOU WILL NEED A BH-488 3.5 OZ. (OR) BH-489 4 OZ. TANK
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