Super Fil Epoxy

Super Fil Epoxy by Brodak

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Quick Overview

An ultra lightweight corrosion-inhibiting filler for aircraft, marine, and automotive use. Adheres to composites, bare aluminum, steel, and bare or varnished wood. Epoxy resin with non-MDA hardener.


Non Shrinking! Product mixes using a 2-to-1 ratio by weight. Great for fairings, around canopies, and for internal reinforcements. An excellent product for making fillets that are exceptionally strong and very light. MIXING: By Weight (preferred) 2 parts A to 1 part B By Volume: 2 parts A to 1 part B Thoroughly stir each individual container of part A and part B before combining. Resin or hardener can separate from fillers during storage. After combining parts A and B, scrape the sides of the mixing container to insure a thorough blend. Mix to a consistent light blue color. CURE: Allow to cure at 70° or above for best results. Lower temperatures will lengthen the cure time. Dry film cure: 8 hours at 77° Cure to sand: 12 hours at 77° POT LIFE: One hour at 77° CLEAN UP: MEK before curing occurs SHELF LIFE: Two years unopened. Avoid storage above 100°. Resin will separate from filler during storage. Remix thoroughly.

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