Dare Aeronca Champ 60"

Dare Aeronca Champ 60" by Brodak

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Quick Overview

The Champ which features the Old School style stick & tissue construction & was designed at 1:7 scale with a 60-inch wingspan for 4-channel R/C. The model has removable plug-in wings for easy transport in small vehicles and features a functional cabin door for easy battery access without the need for an external hatch. Control incorporates 4, sub-micro-servos, with power provided by a 450 class Outrunner motor and a 2000 mah 2S Lipoly battery.It is not designed for snappy aerobatics, but rather, for scale flying.


Wing Span: 60 in. Plane Length: 26-1/4 in. Wing Area: 507 sq. in. Engine: 450 Class Brushless Outrunner and 4 Channel RC


Ground handling is excellent, so there will not be any surprises there. In the air the model is a slow docile flyer. However, being a typical “Aeronca”, the ailerons will exhibit a fair amount of adverse yaw, so rudder input will be required in the turns to overcome it. Otherwise, she is a smooth and gentle flier.

     Landings are a breeze, but because the model is light a bit of power is needed on the approach since light models do not penetrate well at lower approach speeds so carry a little power on the approach and she will come in just fine. Then once the landing is committed, add a bit of up elevator and slowly reduce the power and flare it onto the runway for a perfect 3-point touchdown.

You will need the items listed below as well as these items: (2) 12" Servo Extension Leads (1) 11" Servo Y Lead (2) Rolls of covering (2) 2-3/4" Main Wheels (1) 3/4" Tail Wheel (1) File Folder (1) .080 x 14" Styrene Rod

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The kit includes full size plans and patterns, laser cut shaped parts, complete step-by-step assembly instructions, pre-shaped wire parts to complete the basic airframe and a vac formed cowl and windshield.
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