1/2A Pathfinder Kit

1/2A Pathfinder Kit by Brodak

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Quick Overview

What sets the 1/2A Pathfinder apart from other airplanes is its engineering design. The 1/2A Pathfinder is designed to use shorter lead-out cables and is engineered for tighter turns, making the airplane much more maneuverable. Because the 1/2A Pathfinder flies with a tighter circumference and responds so quickly, you can fly the 1/2A Pathfinder in a smaller area, turn faster, and do tighter stunts.

C/G is 1 1/2" back from the leading edge


Wing Span: 35 Plane Length: 27 Wing Area: 236 Engine: .049 to .070


To convert your 1/2A Pathfinder to electric power use Universal Electric Conversion kit EPS 10. Item #BH-1935.

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Kit Features

Full size plans, Step-by-step instructions, One-piece fuselage, Laser-cut plywood parts, Ribs & Tail surface, Select AAA balsa, Formed wire landing gear, Hardware package including nylon control horn, Pushrod, Split Sleeve coupling, 2-56 x 1" mounting bolts, Heavy duty nylon bellcrank, Leadout cable & ajustable weight box
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