1/2A Lil Wizard Kit

1/2A Lil Wizard Kit by Brodak

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Quick Overview

1/2 Lil Wizard is a Stunt Trainer that flies easily and safely on 52' lines. It flies itself stably half a lap at a time. If the lines go slack, Wizard banks outward and slides away to regain tension.


Wing Span: 21 in. Plane Length: 16 in. Wing Area: 116 sq. in. Engine: .049


The Lil Wizard has been modified by Brodak to take a beam mount engine. However, as an option we have included easy instructions and a nylon motor mount if you choose to use a cox engine with a tank on the back.

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Kit Features

*Airfoil shaped wing *Laser Cut fuselage, doublers, etc. *Decal, leadout wire, formed landing gear, wheels, etc. *full size plan and instruction booklet.
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