Fly-In - Speed Event Rules

Paul Smith air vice marshall

There are three speed events with three awards per event.  A contestant may enter Perky Speed and either Fox 35 Speed or Sportsman Stunt Speed, but not both.  Expert Fox 35 Speed flyers may not sponsor Sportsman or participate in Sportsman Speed in any way.

Models, engines, lines, and pull test will be per NASS Perky rules, and Saint Louis Fox 35 Stunt Speed rules. Sportsman Stunt Speed is a unique event without rules published elsewhere.   This event has been created in response to the need for an event free of engine builders.

A Sportsman Stunt Speed model is any aerobatic model that can take off from the ground with a stock plain bearing stunt engine of the 35 size, subject to the approved engine list.  No pressure fuel systems. 

A contestant may use several models. Only his fastest score counts.

Time-permitting, a contestant may make several scores per event. 

An airframe and/or engine may be used by only one contestant.

Any flight that completes a mile from a standing start will result in an official score in Perky and Fox 35 Stunt.

Sportsman Stunt Speed will use 14 laps from a flying start.  Seven laps must be flown CW and seven laps CCW on the same flight.   The score is the total of the best seven laps in each direction.

Scores will be posted in MPH to the hundredth. The event will be held on the paved circle on Wednesday morning.  In addition, there may be an opportunity to get official flights in on Monday and Tuesday.  The event will close out at 1 PM Wednesday.

These fun speed events are designed to give the flyers a good chance to work with their models and improve performance.  There are no specific time limits or numbers of attempts.

Lines and Laps.

  • Perky:  .014” x 52’-6’’:     - 16 laps from a standing start.
  • Sportsman Stunt Speed:  .015’ x 59’-6” - 14 laps from a flying start, 7 laps each way.
  • Fox 35: .016” x 60’-0”:      14 laps from a standing start.


  • 10% nitromethane with  20% oil for Perky
  • 5% nitromethane with 25% oil for Fox 35 & Sportsman
  • 10% nitromethane and either 20, 22, 25 or 29% oil for Sportsman Stunt Speed



This is a participation event created as an alternative to Fox 35 Stunt Speed, the engine builders’ event.  The intent is to provide an event that can be flown with stock engines and sport/stunt  airframes.  As such, contestants who have exceeded 90 MPH in Fox 35 Speed or who enter Fox 35 Speed at this contest are excluded.

Airframes – This event allows only sport planes with built up or foam airfoil wings and the general configuration of a sport plane and are capable of doing basic aerobatics such as a lazy eight and the reverse wingover.  The airplane must take off and land with a fixed landing gear.

Engines - Only stock plain bearing baffled-piston engines of the nominal 35 size are allowed.  Any fixed venturi is permitted.  The suction fuel requirement effectively limits choke area.   All Johnson, Nelson and Supertigre engines and Foxes other than the 35 Stunt are excluded.  Allowable engines are Fox 35 Stunt, OS Max, K&B, and McCoy blackfin engines, Enya and Veco.

On the initial qualifying flight the model must take off, do 7-lap timed runs in each direction and land in the same direction as takeoff.  On subsequent flights timed runs may be made in either direction.

Average Speed Award.

In addition to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each event, there will be one single closest to average award for Sportsman Stunt Speed.