Control Line Planes

Choosing Your Kit

Model airplanes that are built for flying come in two basic styles, The Profile airplane has a flat body, much like the small, balsa wood gliders that have been flown by young boys and girls for many, many years. The Built-Up Fuselage airplane has a body design similar to the body you would find on a model airplane built for display.

The Profile airplane is the best choice for a beginner, for several reasons. First, it is easier and quicker to build. Second, it is easier to learn to fly a Profile-type airplane. And third, a Profile-type is easier to repair. As you begin learning to fly, wrecks are almost inevitable, so having an airplane that is relatively easy to repair and get ready for the next flight is an important point to consider.

As you select a kit for your first control-line model airplane, look for an outfit that has a .35 size engine. This engine has plenty of “lifting” power, and is a “slower” engine. Since your airplane won’t be traveling as fast, you will have more time to acquaint yourself with the “feel” of the airplane and the “feel” of flying…without the extra pressure of excessive speed. Remember, when an airplane is traveling faster, you have less time to react and adjust! Also, the .35 engine is a popular size that will fit a great many different airplanes. Click here to Learn More

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